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Sharone Perlstein - Art Blog

Art Collector

Art is Like a Unicorn

October 8, 2017

Elusive, Captivating – and Born From RainbowsIt’s hard to pin down how a painting is conjured into existence. It starts with a microscopic dot o...

Art Collector

Elusive, Captivating – and Born From Rainbows

August 9, 2017

It’s hard to pin down how a painting is conjured into existence. It starts with a microscopic dot of inspiration that begins swirling around in the ba...

Art Collector

The Many Faces of Post-Minimalism

July 31, 2017

Beyond the Aesthetic of MinimalismPost-Minimalism can be a hard concept to pin down. That’s largely because the term refers not so much to a single, u...


The Screaming Canvases of Francis Bacon

March 6, 2017

Loneliness and Alienation Born in Dublin on 28 October 1909, Francis Bacon had no one location he could truly call home when he was growing up. His fa...


What’s so Great about Andy Warhol?

January 24, 2017

DedicationAndy Warhol was so dedicated to being an artist that he overcame major physical and emotional challenges. Warhol was born in 1929 to poor pa...


Wassily Kandinsky – Life and Art in an Age of Revolution

December 29, 2016

Even before the profound rupture of the Great War and the political revolutions that followed, a revolution in culture had taken in the first decade o...


The shocking art of Marcel Duchamp

December 8, 2016

Who Was Marcel Duchamp? Marcel Duchamp was born in 1887. He attended school in Rouen and developed an interest in art from an early age. This was an e...

Art Collector

Art Can Be a Smart Addition to a Diversified Investment Portfolio

November 10, 2016

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio with Art Assets With the return on traditional investment assets, such as savings accounts, bonds, and securities ...


Exploring the Art and Beliefs of Banksy

October 26, 2016

Who is ‘Banksy’? As a fan of his art and his attitude, I’ve no desire to add to the commentators who like to ‘out’ Banksy and intrude on his privacy. ...

Art Collector

Invest in Art, You Will Be Very Happy With the Returns

October 6, 2016

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Art Collector

How to Determine the Importance of a Work of Art

September 28, 2016

Exploring the Significance of a Work of Art When you are buying art for your collection, it is vital that you get familiar with the artwork. The first...

Art Collector

Knowing the Artist is Important When Buying Art

September 13, 2016

Learn About the Artist Before Buying the Art When you start your art collection and it is time to select your very first piece to purchase, your first...

Art Collector

Anybody Can Be an Art Collector

August 25, 2016

You Don’t Need a Degree in Art to Buy Great Art Not only highly educated art gurus with papers to prove their knowledge and appreciation of fine art c...