Art Collector

Elusive, Captivating – and Born From Rainbows

oil painting - by Sharone Perlstein

It’s hard to pin down how a painting is conjured into existence. It starts with a microscopic dot of inspiration that begins swirling around in the back of the artist’s mind before coming to life in a

 psychedelic explosion of creativity. Whether the finished art piece is a colorful abstract display or a somber street scene in gray-scale, it has a story to tell. And in each story, a small aspect of the artist is revealed. Each stroke forms part of a complex and enormously personal adventure.

Contrast – In Reflection of Organized Chaos

The thought process and emotional journey of creating this particular piece involved intense layering and deep strokes to reveal gentle colors. Just like the emotional journey of the piece, the first layer was energetic and bright – almost gaudy. Then, as I became more pensive, the painting became more subdued. An opaque layer gave it an air of mystery before bold eliminating strokes deftly dragged the first layer to merge with the second. The unification of both layers divulged gentle splashes of color. Despite the chaos of its inception, the process ultimately resulted in a quiet work, a piece that seeks to invoke a feeling of peace and serenity resembling a reflection in the water, or perhaps a distant memory…

Just Like The Inception of Life

Oil painting - by Sharone Perlstein

When we are born, everything is bright, new and colorful. Then – even though layers of life change the picture of our existence, the original (and true?) colors still find their way to the surface. 

Like life, art is dependent on love and sincerity – it is not only about hard work and time. What makes a work of art truly exceptional simply cannot be decided by the obvious, it is not how many hours were spent on creating the work. No matter how many strokes you lay down on that canvas, if they are not done with heart (love), and if they are not honest, the piece will ultimately fall flat. Think of Pablo Picasso who said, ‘It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child’. Painting with love and sincerity is painting like a child… freely, with abandon, and with joy. After all, art comes from one place – the heart.