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Art Collector

You Don’t Need a Degree in Art to Buy Great Art

Not only highly educated art gurus with papers to prove their knowledge and appreciation of fine art can collect artworks – anybody who passionately wants a collection can do it. Whether your idea of art is renaissance pieces by the old masters like Leonardo da Vinci, abstract expressionist work like Jackson Pollock’s paintings or modern sculptures like Antony Gormley’s, there are at least a few works of art that are guaranteed to stir any art lover’s soul. To start filling your home with artworks that you love, all you need is the desire to collect beautiful creations, a love for art, and the willingness to learn a few techniques that will help you evaluate art by anybody, from anywhere and any period of time.  

Four Techniques to Evaluate Art Effectively

The four basic aspects of the artwork you have to evaluate are: • Who the artist is • How significant the artwork is • The history of the artwork – i.e. where it has been and who has owned it • How much the artwork costs, and whether this is a fair price In this blog I will be exploring these techniques in-depth, to help art enthusiasts learn how to spend their money wisely on quality works of art.

Art Collection vs. Art Investment

Although it is possible for anybody to collect beautiful works of art using this methodology, it is mainly intended to help art enthusiasts pay fair prices for good art – and not people who want to collect art as an investment only. The tips in here are also not meant to be strict rules. If you see a work of art that captivates you, whether it is a painting, a print or a sculpture and you really love it, why not buy it? Like the world famous artist Pablo Picasso once said, ‘The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.